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Unfurl Pooja Misrra's Vintage Couture look on Femina Brides Coverpage

Pooja Misrra presented her own signature saree collection on the cover of Femina Brides.

<blockquote>I hope people like my signature saree collection...</blockquote><p>Pooja Misrra, the multifaceted Supermodel / producer / actor / singer clears the air over recent hotel controversy that caught huge media attention. She also shares her future plans and upcoming events.&nbsp;</p> <p>After ugly spat at a Hotel where she was victimized and threatened, Pooja Misrra is now back to the limelight. The gorgeous girl sizzles on the cover of Femina Brides And Shoots a TV Show named Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui Hai Simultaneously.&nbsp;</p> <p>Recently producer / actress / singer Pooja Misrra was in the eye of the storm as a video of her in a scuffle with hotel staff went viral. The controversy led to a million interpretations by the media, however Pooja finally came up with her version by talking about how she was being bullied and victimized by the cloak and dagger, greedy hotel staff. She explained the incident in detail by starting a website called www.poojamisrraunmaskshotels.com, wherein not only does she share her horror story but also that of many others who have been subjected to similar torture. We love this girl for her intelligence and warmth.</p> <p>The super busy producer has been busy shooting her upcoming show,'Abhi To Party Shuru Hui Hai', wherein she has some cool edgy segments like, Eat out Loud-food reviews, The Chew-celeb interviews, and the saucy Fashion Police amongst others. A little bird tells us that Pooja Misrra also debuts as a singer by shooting a promotional music video in her own voice for the show which is super rocking...guess there will be a queue of music channels outside her house to air it.</p> <p>That's not all. Pooja has also been giving serious time to her clothing line as a designer, and is displaying her signature saree collection at Ramola Bachchan's Runway Rising exhibition in Ashoka Hotel on 15th October in Delhi. She looks stunning and irresistible on the Femina brides cover draped in a vintage couture saree from her own clothing line.</p> <p>About Pooja Misrra :&nbsp;Pooja Misrra is a renowned supermodel and actress featured on cover pages of many national and international Magazines and done modeling assignments in over 28 countries. &nbsp;She has participated in several top-notch reality shows Big Switch, Big Boss, Welcome- Baari Mehmaan Nawazi Ki and created an unforgettable impact.&nbsp;</p> <p>Her Websites: &nbsp;http://www.poojamisrraofficial.com/ &nbsp; and &nbsp;www.poojamisrraunmaskshotels.com</p> <p>Twitter : &nbsp;@sparemesayspm</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

pooja misrra productions



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